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16 Oct 2017
Open Call for Vaccine Development Services

TRANSVAC is a new infrastructure project - funded by the European Commission in the context of Horizon 2020 - that aims to accelerate the development of effective vaccines urgently needed to address European and global health challenges with the ultimate goal to build an efficient and sustainable collaboration of experts and facilities to catalyse vaccine research in Europe.

TRANSVAC will offer high-quality technical services to support the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for both human and animal use. These services are not restricted to any disease in particular. Except for the few cases indicated on the website, services will be offered free of charge! Academic and non-academic research groups, SMEs and industries can apply but only to service infrastructures outside their own country.

The call for application is launched on 15 October 2017 and will remain open for the duration of the project (until April 2022) or until all services have been exhausted. Applications can be submitted at any time and will be processed at pre-defined cut-off dates occurring every four months. The first cut-off date is on 15 December 2017. Users of the services will be selected via an independent scientific peer review process. The selected projects will then be able to commence work within TRANSVAC shortly after notification.

31 Jul 2017
TRANSVAC2: Funding for European vaccine research infrastructure

The European Commission (EC), in the context of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, commits significant funding to TRANSVAC2, a European vaccine research and development (R&D) infrastructure.

Vaccines are one of the most successful and cost-effective public health tools for disease prevention. Their development however is time-consuming and complex, requiring a combination of specialised skills and technical capacities not readily available at a single organisation.  In order to facilitate access to these skills and capacities, and to promote collaborations in the European vaccine landscape - aiming thereby to accelerate the development of safe, effective and affordable vaccines - the European Commission (EC), recently committed significant funding to TRANSVAC2.

Dr Odile Leroy, Executive Director of the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI) and coordinator of TRANSVAC2, said: “The TRANSVAC2 activities will further strengthen the vaccine R&D infrastructure in Europe and will thereby accelerate the development of effective vaccines that are urgently needed to address global health challenges”.

Please read the press release (English or German) for more detailed information.


The TRANSVAC project will be presented at the International Society for Vaccines (ISV) congress at Institute Pasteur on 05 - 07 October 2017.

TRANSVAC @ Modern Vaccines Adjuvants & Delivery Systems - MVADS 2017 conference, Porto, Portugal

TRANSVAC @ ASTMH, ASTMH 66th Annual Meeting November 5-9, 2017, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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