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What types of application is TRANSVAC looking for?

TRANSVAC seeks to support vaccine-related projects currently in the preclinical phase of development. TRANSVAC’s goal is to further support and accelerate vaccine-related projects by providing access to the services and expertise contained within the TRANSVAC Infrastructure. Most technologies and experience are thereby free of charge. All Intellectual Property generated by the project will remain the ownership of the User, unless indicated otherwise prior to starting work within TRANSVAC. Under the EC rules, the User must be able to make the work performed within TRANSVAC public.

If you are interested in applying to one of the TRANSVAC Services, simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Service descriptions  for specific information on the Service infrastructures and the free Services available. Select the Service which is most relevant for your work. For scientific questions regarding a specific Service, please contact the corresponding lead scientist directly (their contact details are listed there). For questions regarding any aspect of the submission, review or associated administration please contact the TRANSVAC Management Team.
  • Step 2: Carefully read the application guidelines of this website for detailed information on eligibility criteria, the application procedure and the selection process, which also details the duties of the Users accessing the TRANSVAC Services.
  • Step 3: Download and carefully read the Application form and complete it offline. With submission of the Application Form you declare that you have read and understood the Call Procedure and accept its terms.

PLEASE READ THE APPLICATION FORM AND HELPTEXT CAREFULLY. Applications not containing essential information (e.g. on methodology) cannot be properly evaluated for feasibility.

The Call Procedure and the Application Form may be subject to change. Please always download the current versions for the latest cut-off date from this website (see Call Schedule).

Format of the Application

Applicants must use the Application form and submit it in PDF format by e-mail. Any paper versions of applications will be rejected.

Confirmation of Receipt

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within 48 hours (72 hours if submitted on Fridays). Applications not acknowledged as received may have not been successfully transmitted and should be resubmitted via e-mail. Under no circumstances will the Management Team accept responsibility for lost e-mails or consider applications received after the deadline. Applicants are solely responsible for ensuring that their applications are received and acknowledged within the deadline.

Number of Simultaneous Applications Allowed

Applicants may submit more than one application at a time for a given Service, provided each application is scientifically distinct. An application for multiple complementary services for one distinct scientific project should be submitted with a single Application Form where the check boxes corresponding to the selected services are ticked.

Renewals / Extensions

Renewal and Extension applications are not allowed for this Call for Applications.


All applications must be written in English.

Attachments / Maximum Length of Applications

The responses submitted to this Call for Applications may not exceed the maximum number of words indicated in the Application Form. Tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, and charts should be directly included into the Application Form and the application sent as a single file to in PDF format. Filenames must not include spaces or special characters, and a PDF extension must be used.

Submitting on Time

Applications may be submitted on or after the opening date and must be successfully received by TRANSVAC no later than 5:00 p.m. CET/CEST on the application cut-off date. If an application is not received by the due date and time, it will not be reviewed until the next application cut-off date. See also: Confirmation of Receipt (above).

Notification on Results

All applicants will be notified via e-mail of the results of their application upon completion of the selection process and if selected will be invited to enter into contact with TRANSVAC. No discussion will be entered into regarding the reasons for rejection and the TRANSVAC User Selection Panel’s decision is final. The successful applicants’ names will be published on the TRANSVAC website.

Above all, TRANSVAC is looking for innovative high-potential proposals of scientific excellence. Scientific excellence and feasibility will be the main criteria for selecting the applications.

Important Notice

TRANSVAC will not provide the Users with cash funding or any kind of financial support in the context of this call. TRANSVAC exclusively offers Users free access to its partners’ installations and Services. There is no cost to the User for using their awarded Service.

Please note: For paid services, Users from outside Europe may apply. While following the same application procedure, the selection will not be dependent on the review process described under Proposal Evaluation and Selection Process and applications can directly be accepted by the service provider.

If a proposal is selected by the TRANSVAC2 consortium, the animal experiments will still require approval by the respective local ethics committee (from the country where the experiments are conducted). If this approval will not be granted, the TRANSVAC2 consortium cannot be deemed responsible and the applicants cannot make any claim for compensation.

Call schedule

Call Publication Date:

15 October 2017

Opening date for receipt of applications TNA call 1902-05:

15 February 2019

Deadline for Submission:

TRANSVAC will operate a permanent call whereby applications may be submitted at any time and will be processed at pre-defined cut-off dates.

The application cut-off date of the 1902-05 call is: 15 April 2019 at 17:00 CET.

The next cut-off dates are:

CFA number:





Application Launch Date

15 Oct 2018

15 Feb 2019

15 Jun 2019

15 Oct 2019

Application Cut-Off Date

15 Dec 2018

15 Apr 2019

15 Aug 2019

15 Dec 2019

Expected decision date

15 Feb 2019

01 Jun 2019

15 Oct 2019

15 Feb 2020

The calls for following years are expected to follow the same schedule of the cut-off dates for the rolling call being every 4 month. The rolling TRANSVAC calls will be renewed until all of the available Services have been allocated or until TRANSVAC ends. Please note that the last call of each of the TRANSVAC's Services is individual.

Users should be ready to start using the Service as soon as possible after receiving the notification of being selected. Only in exceptional circumstances will Users be allowed to re-schedule.

Eligibility criteria

The rules governing use of the Services offered by TRANSVAC are those laid down by the European Commission (EC). Please note that the TRANSVAC partners are unable to make exceptions to any of these rules. The term “Users” refers to an external group (or external individual) who is selected to access the Services offered by TRANSVAC.

Through a peer-reviewed competitive process, European groups may apply to benefit from the expertise, reagents, and facilities of the TRANSVAC project. The Services are not restricted to any disease in particular. For scientists based in countries outside the EU Member States or its Associated States, access is subject to a range of charges according to the Service in question.

According to the EC regulations applicants must comply with the following criteria:

  1. The User group leader and the majority of the Users in the group must work in an institution established in a EU Member State or Associated State (Associated States: Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Moldova, Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia, Armenia)
  2. Additionally 20% of Users of a specific service can be of non-EU countries Associated to Horizon 2020 as listed in the document H2020 Programme Funding of applicants from non-EU countries & international organisations.
  3. The User group leader and the majority of the Users in the group must work in a different country than the TRANSVAC partner whose Service they wish to access (see table below)
  4. Only Users that are able to openly disseminate the results they have generated with the support of TRANSVAC may apply.

Please note: For paid services, Users from outside Europe may apply. While following the same application procedure, the selection will not be dependent on the review process described under Proposal Evaluation and Selection Process and applications can directly be accepted by the service provider.

Support offered & Follow up

TRANSVAC is offering Users access to several Services. The number of Users that can access the Services is constrained by the length of the project as well as limited resources. The TRANSVAC partners offering these Services (“Access Providers”) are described in detail under Services including the maximum number of projects that TRANSVAC will support along with other relevant information.

What this Call will NOT Support

This call will not provide any form of cash funding. No funds will be transferred to any User unless pertaining to the refund of pre-approved expenses associated with using TRANSVAC’s Services.

Mechanism of Support

Support is granted to Users in the form of access to a specific Service within the institution of a TRANSVAC partner. This support includes logistical, technological and scientific support as well as any necessary specific training needed in order to be able to benefit from the Services on-site. The Service Providers will also provide the required legal approvals and ethical approval. The support further includes the provision of basic consumables as required to complete use of the Service. Special consumables may need to be provided by the User. Once selected, the User can benefit from the Service which they applied for. Note that a User can benefit only from the Service they applied to use i.e. Users are not granted access to all of TRANSVAC’s Services, only the one for which the User applied. This may entail sending samples/antigens/vaccines to the TRANSVAC partner for analysis or, if necessary, actually visiting the TRANSVAC partner to complete the work.

Travel and accommodation costs

Travel and accommodation costs for the Users to/from/at the installation may be covered (if a physical visit is strictly necessary) if the Users are not in a position to do so themselves. In these cases, TRANSVAC will cover the costs of travelling and accommodation according to the rules of the corresponding installation (Service Provider). Costs are only reimbursed after the visit and upon submission of the requested reports. Any travel and accommodation costs must be pre-approved by the TRANSVAC partner in question. Any deviation from the budget is the responsibility of the User.

Access Period / Duration of Projects

In line with the EC’s Guidelines, each User has a maximum of up to three months to complete the work supported by TRANSVAC. In special cases the period of access may exceed this time frame.

Number of Lead Researchers (LRs)

More than one LR may be designated on the application i.e. we can support collaborative / multi-LR applications as long as the majority of the Users work in a country other than the country where the TRANSVAC partner whose Service they wish to access is located. One LR should be identified as the main point of contact for TRANSVAC.

Follow up

When applying to the TRANSVAC Services, the Users accept to enter into a commitment with TRANSVAC. They have understood the conditions and are prepared to comply with the following requirements:

User Reports

The Users selected commit to providing basic administrative information on their project and their institution to the TRANSVAC installation and the TRANSVAC Management Team, no later than 45 days after leaving the site or receiving the samples. Repayment of the travel expenses will then follow if relevant. Failure to provide a report will result in the User being billed for the entire cost of providing the Services to the User. The purpose of the report is to highlight the scientific output of the Services received and shall be included in the TRANSVAC project’s periodic reports to the EC. The reports will be published on the TRANSVAC web site and will be made available to the EC. Details about the report format will be provided to the Users at a later stage.

All Applicants will furthermore inform the TRANSVAC Management Team and provide copies of all publications resulting from, or involving, the work carried out under TRANSVAC.

User Questionnaires

The Users commit to completing the EC User Questionnaire no later than 45 days after completing work at the TRANSVAC host installation or from the date of receiving samples.


Any subsequent publications or patents created through the support of TRANSVAC and the EC must be communicated to both the TRANSVAC installation and to the TRANSVAC Management Team.

Acknowledgement of EC Support

The support of the TRANSVAC project and the funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 730964 must be indicated in all publications resulting from the work carried out in the frame of the TRANSVAC Support activity.

Proposal Evaluation and Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by the TRANSVAC Scientific and Ethics Advisory Committee (SEAC) and the TRANSVAC User Selection Panel (USP). In its commitment to adhere to the principles of transparency, fairness and impartiality, TRANSVAC has set up these bodies: one independent external panel (SEAC) and another composed of both independent experts and TRANSVAC project partners (USP), which are concerned with the selection of new applications, and which will review applications in light of relevance, scientific excellence and feasibility.

Review process:

Application Process

Firstly, applications will be reviewed by the TRANSVAC Management Team to ensure that all meet the basic selection criteria (e.g. on-time submission, eligibility criteria, formal and administrative requirements). Should applicants have failed to meet the criteria defined in the call text, their proposal will be returned to them. It will not be evaluated further but may be resubmitted once corrected, for consideration at a later date.

Secondly, the application will be reviewed in parallel by the TRANSVAC SEAC, who will peer-review the scientific and experimental quality of proposals, and the TRANSVAC USP, who will review the feasibility of the project. The scoring of the TRANSVAC SEAC and USP will be combined and transferred to the USP.

Thirdly, the TRANSVAC USP shall make a decision on the short-list of fundable projects.

Threshold of Excellence

Please note that the TRANSVAC partners agreed to set a threshold of excellence for applications to the animal model services, i.e. only applications for the animal models scored excellent may be selected for the animal model services.

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